Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters, activated carbon media, granular activated carbon, activated carbon cartridges and activated carbon filter housings have been some of the most popular products we’ve supplied over the years. Viridian Water Systems is a trendsetter in the water purification / water filtration industry, and is now focusing on increasing our volume of activated carbon filter supply. Activated carbon filters are available in a variety of different sizes, shapes, capacities and flow rate ranges. Depending on whether the application is residential or commercial / industrial, Viridian Water Systems can help navigate and advise you on your activated carbon filter requirements. Often times, sizeable activated carbon filter tanks are required to supplement projects involving whole house water filtration or commercial chlorine removal. Activated carbon filters also refers to individual activated carbon cartridges (which fit tightly into filter housings for use in either residential or commercial / industrial applications).

If you’re unsure whether it’s an activated carbon filter or activated carbon cartridge you’re after, or whether you’re in need of some other form of activated carbon filtration, don’t hesitate to reach Kris @:

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